Samantha Jane Garden Design is a small friendly garden design business based in Derbyshire and Staffordshire, producing beautiful individual designs for contemporary, traditional and historic gardens.

Samantha, CHort MCIHort Dip.Hort.(Kew), MPGCA, started her career at Broomfield Hall Campus in Derbyshire where she attained a National Diploma in Horticulture, she followed this with a years work experience as a Trainee Horticultural Technician at the Botanic Gardens of Cambridge University. After a fourteen month break from studying, where Samantha worked as a full time Assistant Gardener on a private estate, she managed to secure a place on the prestigious Kew Diploma course at The Royal Botanic Gardens Kew. As one of only fourteen students from all around the world, Samantha was privileged to follow in the footsteps of names such as  Alan Titchmarsh, Matthew Biggs and Dan Pearson.

Samantha has been working as a Head Gardener at Broomfield Hall campus of Derby College for nearly two years. It is a 25 acre Victorian garden that is a large restoration, development and design management project. Samantha has set up a volunteer programme successfully taking-on over 25 volunteers from the local area via an interview process with DBS checks. The volunteers are taught design, plant knowledge and horticultural practical skills by Samantha Jane on site. 

She previously worked for about seven years as a Head Gardener on an historic private estate in Warwickshire. Over this time she has obtained further qualifications in both teaching and professional garden design, as well as building an impressive array of specialist suppliers and contractors.

When designing for clients, Samantha draws on her extensive plant knowledge and years of experience to produce beautiful garden designs that not only look fantastic when completed, but also offer a wide variety of plant interest the whole year through.

For further information on Samantha Jane’s Garden Design Process  please click here.

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Please note, due to the volume of information request received Samantha may not respond immediately but she will make every effort to respond to every request received.

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