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Looking for Classic Contemporary Design Inspiration

It has been a little bit of a whirlwind weekend, finding out that my planting design for a long border has a prelimary position at RHS Chatsworth Flower Show 2018. I am thrilled with this challenge as it will be…

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Sunday Design Concept

There’s something about sitting in your local establishment with wifi, magazines and your favourite sketching software. I have movement and herbaceous plantings in mind travelling through the colours of the rainbow. Early June is the focus; movement with colour repetition,…

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A 3D Sketch of my Latest Garden Design

My inspiration for this one strangely came from Earth orbiting the Sun. When I look at a garden to be designed, I tend to think of shapes that will sit-in and compliment the garden overall first. My client is a…

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The Thrill of Planting a New Tree

Photograph of planted Parrotia persica 2014

Planting trees is always special, you get that wonderful feeling that you are leaving your mark on the landscape for a very long time. We probably plant on average 20 trees per year on the estate that’s not including all…

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Raised Bed Garden Design

Last night to this morning I have been working on a raised bed design for a client linking sleepers with brickwork. It has been a challenge but it seems to be working very well; a contrast of colour and texture….

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Researching the Night Away

A sneak peek at one of the plans that I am working on tonight for a client. I am researching and coming up with inspiration for oriental-feel planting.

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A Design for a Long Thin Garden

3D sketches (not-to-scale) showing how leading from a planted corridor into a large open area can effectively give the impression of a wider garden. A 2D plan to scale of the same long thin garden on quite a flat site…

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