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Topiary Trimming Time

The big geometric dove is being trimmed. We are having to prune the Magnolia quite a bit too so to let the light through to the tail. It takes about 4 weeks for us to trim all of the large…

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The Beauty and Excitement of These Free Plants

In the summer we have the most beautiful woodland walkway of “Common Turk Caps Lilies” or “Martagon Lilies” or in Latin Lilium martagon. They really do give the most stunning, elegant, blushing-pink summer display. A stretch of this kind is…

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The Thrill of Planting a New Tree

Photograph of planted Parrotia persica 2014

Planting trees is always special, you get that wonderful feeling that you are leaving your mark on the landscape for a very long time. We probably plant on average 20 trees per year on the estate that’s not including all…

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The Latest Pictures of The Herbaceous Borders at The Beginning of April

The lush borders are really starting to fill-up now and the Tulips are beginning to burst open.

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A Photograph Showing How the Hellebores are Extending the Seasonal Interest

In the Herbaceous Borders

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Striking New Golden Foliage

Breathtaking new gold foliage of the “Golden Ninebark” Physocarpus opulifolius aureus in the foreground of this picture. I planted it in the Gold Border about four years ago and have since filled out the border with more mass-planting of Hellebores…

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March In the Garden

Yesterday I was racing around dividing clumps of Primulas that seem to have done the best that I have seen in years, they have been self-seeding everywhere, today I am hurriedly trying to pot-on the Pelargonium plugs that I received…

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Late February In the Garden

Due to the previous weeks of strong winds we are still picking up twigs and branches that were strewn across the gardens. A new section of hedge line is being cleared, I would like to get this done before the…

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