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Monthly Archives: April 2014

My Concerns for the Spread of Invasive Weeds

I bought a stock of Jumbo-sized bare-rooted Agapanthus in February from a supposedly reputable grower/supplier that I have used for years. On receiving them; I potted them up and kept them in the propagation unit. Today, I got them altogether…

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A Fascinating Short Video to Watch

Amazing plants picture linking to an amazing plants video on Samantha Jane Garden Design website

Watch this short video giving more scientific research results on how plants respond to pain. click here

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Gardening is Necessary and Exciting!

Alan Titchmarsh stands-up to support gardening; as it is not only a hobby, it is also an energising skilful profession!

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The Latest Pictures of The Herbaceous Borders at The Beginning of April

The lush borders are really starting to fill-up now and the Tulips are beginning to burst open.

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Raised Bed Garden Design

Last night to this morning I have been working on a raised bed design for a client linking sleepers with brickwork. It has been a challenge but it seems to be working very well; a contrast of colour and texture….

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Researching the Night Away

A sneak peek at one of the plans that I am working on tonight for a client. I am researching and coming up with inspiration for oriental-feel planting.

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A Photograph Showing How the Hellebores are Extending the Seasonal Interest

In the Herbaceous Borders

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