Looking for Classic Contemporary Design Inspiration

It has been a little bit of a whirlwind weekend, finding out that my planting design for a long border has a prelimary position at RHS Chatsworth Flower Show 2018. I am thrilled with this challenge as it will be publicising the beautiful historic gardens of Broomfield Hall Campus and all of the hard work of the horticulture students and the local volunteers that I manage there. 

Today, I am looking at inspiration for a new design concept on the verge of the city. I am looking at a classic contemporary English/Italian styles with soft purples, blues and whites.

   Verbena bonariensis, Lavandula sp, Achillea ‘Credo‘ 

Allium ‘Gladiator’or ‘Globemaster’, Alchemilla mollis

Buxus suffruticosa  Salvia officinalis purpurascens, Artemesia ‘Powys Castle’

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