The Wonderful Happy Feeling that Professional Horticulture and Garden Design Brings Me

I have always wanted to make my work part of my life, in other words; I want to enjoy my work so much that I cannot tell anymore if I am working or not. With all of the hard work I have done, I am beginning to see this happen. It is that feeling when you go out with friends and it becomes ‘Gardener’s Question Time’. It happens to all of us keen gardeners but it is the moment you suddenly realise that you don’t feel uncomfortable anymore or that it doesn’t feels like work or interrogation.

Horticulture and Garden Design has always been a passion of mine but now it is a way of life. As all of my friends and family know, I love to inspire and there are so many ways to do this nowadays. I can write on my blog and website, chatter on Twitter, visit people’s gardens, show and sell plants, give garden tours, deliver workshops and train students, work experience, staff and volunteers.

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