Late February In the Garden

Due to the previous weeks of strong winds we are still picking up twigs and branches that were strewn across the gardens.
A new section of hedge line is being cleared, I would like to get this done before the birds start to settle down nesting.
I am very late getting my sweet peas sown in the greenhouse this year,due to them only arriving from the supplier this week, I usually like to have them in during the beginning of February.
I am on the hunt for two matching lovely Ilex aquifolium, non variegated Holly, standard, lollipop trees with 100-120cm clear stems for two Versailles planters. They need to have bushy round heads of 60-70cm if possible.
The air temperature seems to be getting colder and it looks like we may be getting rain/sleet for a week or so this will at least mean that we may be able to get on with paperwork; the vegetable plots in the Kitchen Garden still need to be planned and I need to review more risk assessments.
We also, very importantly need to do a thorough tree inspection, there may be possible damage from high winds, alluvial soils due to the floods and the increased likelihood of opportunistic secondary pests and diseases because of heightened stress levels.
We have 1000 Snow Drops and 1000 English Blue Bells to plant out, just waiting for a drier spell.
The mass Iris reticulata ‘Harmony’ are looking fabulous under the Rose Arch in the Kitchen Garden, a flash of happy royal blue on a dull wet day like today.
I have just handed in my last piece of work for my Garden Design Diploma and I am now looking to enhance my design skills with learning some CAD and 3D modelling systems.

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