Are Some Herbaceous Borders Losing Their Herbaceousness?

Herbaceous borders are not only having the threat of ‘staff cutbacks’ and ‘low maintenance’ thrown at them, they also seem to be getting a threat from ‘all year round fullness’.

There is a clue in the name: Herbaceous Borders; a bed full of plants that die-back over the winter, but I am getting frequently asked to keep the borders looking full with interest all year round.

To keep the customer happy, Yew cones, Box globes, low hedges, Wallflowers, Tulips, Hellebores all may have to be added.
I can understand the wish for winter interest, but I do love to see a full-on Herbaceous Border all tucked away apart from the odd display of beautiful dried seed heads and the anticipation of new bursting buds just below the surface.

I now wonder, could it mean that some of these beautiful historic beds that are being adapted for all year round interest are losing their Herbaceous Border status?

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