The Language of Plants

‘Half of Us Chat to Our Flowers’

I absolutely love seeing this subject in the media! The reason why? Because it means a lot to me.

In the ever-changing and demanding world that we have created; talking to plants can dissolve the pain and help us cope. It makes us become more mindful; living in the present moment by focusing on every element. We want to nurture the plants showing great compassion and this trains us to use that positive energy elsewhere in our lives with all of our friends and foes.

Prince Charles explains that he not only talks to the plants, he instructs them.

Plants are responsive to our speech, they love attention, they react in a positive way. When I am pruning a plant, I often find myself talking the process through with the patient as I work. To be honest, a lot of this is because it improves my teaching techniques when I am working alongside apprentices and students, but it also makes me think more closely about what I am doing. It helps me justify why I am mutilating a shrub as gardening is all about manipulation, taming the wild for a purpose.

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Another interesting article explains that it probably doesn’t matter what you say to plants. It has been scientifically proven that they will respond to any type of emotion and speech. This is great news for most of us gardeners as patience sometimes subsides giving way to frustration because of challenges like the weather, weeds, pests and diseases etc.

Thankfully, I cannot hear what the plants say back!

An article explains that plants emit more ethylene when they are attacked which can give a louder signal when blasted with lasers.

Could this be just a necrosis of the cells happens as with rotting/dying fruit? Or could it be more sinister and worrying for gardeners?

I think that it is probably wise to not question why and to garden blissfully and mindfully.

It looks like B&Q are beginning to employ ‘Plant Whisperers’ in stores now. Not only to do they talk to the plants but they are also there to advise the public on plant choice and care.

So let us all push away all of our daily pressures of life by whispering to the trees, singing to the Lupins and shouting to the bindweed.

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