The Beauty and Excitement of These Free Plants

In the summer we have the most beautiful woodland walkway of “Common Turk Caps Lilies” or “Martagon Lilies” or in Latin Lilium martagon.
They really do give the most stunning, elegant, blushing-pink summer display.
A stretch of this kind is quite rare to see in gardens of UK as they are more at home in Southern Europe.
The team and I have created a new 400m long woodland walk recently and it will be such a pleasure to get this species to colonise up there amongst all of the naturalised “Blue Bells”.


In the above picture Rob is holding a fabulous stash of the Lily flower seed heads that we have just collected and he is looking forward to doing such a rewarding task; scattering the seed up the top of the new area.
We shall start to colonise the top of the woodland hoping that the Lily will find it easier to spread by wind down the hill in the future and it will give a more natural effect with a mass planting of them than spaced out.
These Lilies are expensive to purchase from nurseries so it is absolutely wonderful to be able to grow so many for free.

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